Send Off Reports

The send-off report is to be used by any referee that has sent-off a player during the game (i.e. issued them with a red card). It is also to be used by an assistant referee who made a report which led to a player being sent-off by the referee. Both people are to submit their report by email to the competition organiser or their delegate.

For NSWRRA and SJRU appointments you are to text Tom Chadwick ASAP after the match on the number stated on your appointment sheet. The written send-off report is to be emailed to by 10am on the next working day. If you do not follow these procedures, you will delay the judiciary process.

If you have an off-field incident that can’t be dealt with by the send-off process, refer to the Respect Rugby page for the online incident report.

The scale of seriousness provides a guide to grading the seriousness of an offence. This may affect the level of punishment the person receives at judiciary, so consider it carefully.


Send off Report                                    Scale of seriousness