NSW TracTahs Program

The NSW TracTahs program was created in 2014 with the aim of discovering and developing athletes with the potential to play in the Tight 5 forwards into the future. In 2014 there were 30 Under 12’s inducted with another group joining them this November.


The objectives of the program include:

  • Identification of potential new athletes each year from the U12’s and now 15’s age groups. Once these kids are inducted we invite them back to attend 3 Camps per year until they turn 17.
  • The kids are selected purely on body shapes. We are trying to identify Height for 2nd Row and body shapes for Front Row. Selectors follow a selection criteria prior to kids being inducted into the program.
  • Identification takes place at 4 major tournaments in the U12’s age group to select these kids each year; NSW State Championships, 
  • NSW Country Championships, NSW PSSA State Championships and TAS Rugby Carnival
  • We chose the U12 age group for the simple fact that the set piece (scrum and lineouts) are properly contested from the U13’s and up.
  • The primary aim of the program is to upskill athletes with large frames to compete at the set piece with confidence and technique. This being very difficult in normal teams were these kids are much bigger than team mates


2014 Group     2015 Group     2016 Group    


Further Enquires

For any enquires about NSW TracTahs program contact:
Matthew Evrard

Luke Thiessen
Phone: (02) 9323 3458