Here's a list of policies relating to NSWRU Referee Appointments:

Referee Gradings and Coaching Appointments as at 21 Apr 17
Match Gradings as at 21 Apr 17 (i.e. the grade of referee you would expect to each be appointed for each match assuming all referees were available, and excluding appointments done for coaching purposes or to cover particularly easy or difficult games).
NSW Suburban Competition notes for referees 2017
Sydney Rugby Union notes for referees 2017
Schools competition notes for referees 2017

Referee no-show and feedback form - use this to report when a referee doesn't turn up, particularly if you then take over their appointment. Also for clubs to provide feedback on referee peformance.
Referee coach no-show form - use to report when an appointed coach does not turn up. If you don't report it, then we will likely assume you were coached and won't see any need to appoint another coach to watch you.