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At its very simplest, Rugby Union is played by two teams, each consisting of 15 players and seven reserves. All players strive to place the ball over the tryline in order to score points for their team. The team with the most points at the end of two equal halves of play wins the match.

However Rugby is much more than that. It’s about camaraderie, about working together to achieve a goal. It’s also about pride: in yourself, in your teammates, in the jersey on your back. Results are important, but not as important as giving your all for the good of your team.

NSW Rugby Union

Pride is a common theme at NSWRU and the HSBC Waratahs. Every time one of our players runs out onto the field of play they’re playing for something bigger than them, that is the pride of the sky blue jersey. As the oldest Union in the Southern Hemisphere and the seventh largest in the world, the Waratahs have a significant legacy to protect and this they do each and every time they run onto the field.

NSW Rugby is concerned with more than just the professional arm of its operations. With 60% of Australias professional players hailing from NSW, its imperative that tomorrow is looked after as well, if not better than today. As such, NSW Rugby Union has over fifty players currently undertaking elite programs as part of the HSBC Waratahs and the HSBC Junior Waratahs. While its acknowledged that many of the players who pass through the HSBC Junior Waratahs will end up playing for other professional outfits in Australia and overseas, its important that this process continues, in order to ensure the cream of the crop always remains in NSW.

Away from Super 14, NSW Rugby’s offices at Moore Park house a number of operations, all of who have the sole purpose of furthering the sport’s cause in NSW. From the Community Rugby department, under which Coaching, NSW Country, NSW Juniors, Referees and Suburban Rugby all sit; to Commercial, Premiership, and Media, NSW Rugby is looking after all aspects of Rugby’s present and future.

NSW Rugby Union Member Protection Policy

New South Wales Rugby Union has adopted the Member Protection Policy of the Australian Rugby Union.  The policy aims to ensure the Unions core values, good reputation and positive behaviours and attitudes are maintained.

The ARU Member Protection Policy reiterates Australian Rugby’s commitment to ensuring that every person involved in rugby is treated with respect and dignity, and is safe and protected from harassment, discrimination, bullying, abuse and other unfair or inappropriate conduct.  NSW Rugby Union fully endorses the policy.
The Member Protection Policy is comprised of four sections:

1. Policy statements regarding child protection, taking images of children, anti-discrimination and harassment, sexual relationships, pregnancy and gender identity;
2. Child Protection Requirements including a summary of relevant state legislation and recommended screening process for those states and territories that do not have specific child protection legislation;
3. Procedures including step-by-step guide to all dispute resolution procedures: complaints procedure, mediation procedure, child abuse investigation procedure, conduct committee and appeals procedure, and summary of disciplinary measures; and
4. Reporting documents and forms.
Everyone involved in Rugby should familiarise themselves with the Member Protection Policy and the standards of behaviour expected of all participants.

This summary is not intended as a substitute for reading the ARU Member Protection Policy (pdf - 380kb).

We also strongly recommend that all participants be familiar with the Expectations of Behaviour Guidelines (pdf - 87kb)

Any Club officials who wish to undertake Member Protection Training can access free online training through Play by the Rules a partnership between the Australian Sports Commission and NSW Sport and Recreation and anti-discrimination agencies. 

For any enquires please contact our Member Protection Officer, Member Protection Contact or the Executive Director at NSWRU.

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