Match Official Accreditation Requirements

ARU match official accreditation is recognised as part of the Australian Sports Commissions’ National Officiating Accreditation Scheme. Your accreditation will be accepted anywhere in Australia and in most places overseas.


By meeting the requirements for accreditation you have demonstrated the required standards for that accreditation. However, the process of learning and improvement as a match official is continuous. There is a requirement to re-accredit, generally every four years. Accreditation expires on 31 Dec of the relevant year, except Smart Rugby (which expires on 1 April).


The ARU Match Officials Accreditation and Accreditation Renewal Policy is available here. The requirements for each accreditation are here.


To enrol in one of the programs above login to the Rugby Learning Centre (through the Rugby Portal) and 'Browse Learning' for the required program. Any pre-requisites will be listed and you will be able to enrol if you meet them.


If you need Recognition of Prior Learning or Recognition of Current Competency, contact the NSW Referee Education Coordinator, Alex Richards, at for an assessment of your documents.



To access an exam, go to the Rugby Learning Centre (through the Rugby Portal). You will also be able to check your accreditation status and what needs to be done to re-accredit.



If you need a competency assessment, arrange this through your association or school. If that proves difficult, contact Alex as above. You can download the competency statements here. Your assessor will need to load your assessment into RRIMS for it to be recognised.