Help with online systems for Match Officials


RRIMS (referee coach report system)

  • Access RRIMS here. You will need a login as either a referee coach (to submit reports) or referee (to use the Game Plan Review 'GPR' process). Obtain that from your association administrator or State Admin. Download a userguide for referee coaches here.

Referee Appointments System

  • Access the Referee Appointments System Portal here. This allows you to update your availability so that you aren't appointed when or where you aren't available.You will need your MyRugby ID and the email address you registered on MyRugby/RugbyLink with.
  • Access the RAS here as an administrator. You will need to be created by a State Admin first.

Rugby Learning Centre (RLC)

  • Access the RLC here. Login using your MyRugby ID (preferred) or email address. This will take you through an intermediate step where you can confirm your contact details details before proceeding to the RLC. The RLC replaces MyRugby for course registration and accreditation management, and Adobe Breeze for exam management.
  • You can see a listing of all NSW courses here. Clicking on a course will take you directly to that learning event in the RLC.

Rugby Link

  • Note that only association admins should be using this in 2016. Individual referees won't have access until 2017. Access Rugby Link here. Online tutorials, guides and help can found here.

Contact the Rugby Link help-desk for basic support with Rugby Link or the RLC, at 02 8005 5600 or

State Admins

  • For country associations (less Illawarra) - Ron Mancell (Country Referee Development Officer)
  • For metro associations (including Illawarra) - Amy Perrett (Referee Education Officer)